Tuesday, 21 February 2012

One of those days (part 2)

I feel pretty alone lately. I have two friends who are having baby girls soon (one due in March and one in May) and it depresses me to think about how fast their daughters are going to surpass Everleigh. I do talk to other women who have kids w/ds but I'm not really close to anyone. I feel like nobody around me really gets how I feel. How do you explain to someone who has typically developing children (or to the teens in my house) that Everleigh is going to be delayed. That she just learned to sit up on her own, when most typical babies have been doing that for months and are usually moving on to crawling, pulling to stand, cruising etc.

I'm not sure where to go. Her dad's not around (and he doesn't deserve to be), but I feel like I'm carrying everything myself.

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