Friday, 2 March 2012


I feel the need to say - I don't always feel the way I portrayed in my last two posts. In fact, most of the time I am happy and content to love on Everleigh and just enjoy our day-to-day lives. But, like any human being, I get down sometimes. It just happens.

It is officially March 2nd. Which means...Everleigh's first birthday is fast approaching! Her birthday is April 30th, but we will be having a birthday shin-dig on the 29th. It's a ladybug theme. -insert collective AWE here-. And on the 30th? I will be doing a guest post on a fellow mama's blog. She's doing a series entitled "the moment a mother is born". I don't personally know Courtenay, nor is she a special-needs mama...but she was on my birth board on BabyCenter and gave birth to twin girls. When we get closer to the day, a button will appear and a linky. For now though, you can visit her here if you feel so inclined!

I just did a quick search on my camera, and I have no new pictures of I guess that means I will be attached to my camera while she's around! She's getting so big. And bright. The learning to sit independently has definitely helped her. She can now reach and grab and pass things from hand to hand. And being upright means she can take in bigger breaths to yell, which is her current favourite past time.

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