Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Please Help

I don't do this - ever.
But I would feel bad if I didn't post here (for my 0 readers) to see what has happened.

There has been an injustice. A good friend, one of our own, Sari, is in danger of losing her son Sam (who has DS and ASD).Sam is 6 years old, non verbal and has down syndrome and autism. Sari and her ex-husband have been separated for 3 years, and Sari has been a stay at home mom for 10 years. Sam's dad has seen him only a handful of times in the last 3 years and when he HAS had Sam, he doesn't make decisions that are in Sam's best interests.
When Sari and her ex went to court early last week, they entered into a 4 day ordeal. Sari had professionals, mom friends, and family friends come to give testimony towards all the things she does for Sam on a daily basis. At the end of the four days, the judge ruled that Sam be given primary residence with his father! They do not live in the same city, Sam's father is not invested in his life, and admitted to hiring nannies (not ONE nanny, but multiple) to watch Sam while he travels for work.

This is a huge problem! As some of you know, when I went to court with J (Everleigh's dad), he originally asked for sole custody (to scare me). And scare me it did. I was so scared of losing my daughter to someone who may be better equipped to raise her than I was. My mom and my family, and my worker tried to reassure me every day that there was no way that J would acquire custody of Ev. But it has happened. My worst fear has come true. Not to me, but to someone close to my heart.

Sam's dad does not do anything to help better Sam's life. When he is there, he does not follow Sam's diet...or his routine, his eating habits, bedtime etc. Sam comes home out of sorts, defiant, and sick. Where Sam NEEDS to be is at home with his mother, his siblings and his dog (who is trained for kids with autism spectrum disorder). Please visit the link below, sign the petition and help bring Sam home!

Also, if you feel so inclined, Sari has started a fund for retaining a lawyer to help in the appeals process. The link to donate is here:
My mom, bless her heart, has given $150 from our family to help Sari retain a lawyer.

PLEASE. I am imploring you to help out in some way. Share the petition, donate if you can. Sam NEEDS to be at home with his mom where he belongs.


  1. Any news? I signed and she sent me an email. Thought that was kind of nice.

    1. None yet. Sam left Saturday morning for his father's. I will add you to the group on FB. Do you want this one or the other one?


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