Friday, 17 February 2012


Wow...I only blogged once in the whole month of January. I am a bad blogger.

Not a whole lot is going on around here. I had a brief, two week stint as a full time worker at the daycare where Everleigh is enrolled but...that really didn't go over too well. And since I'm still bound by law not to say anything public...those who are close to me know the reasoning. It's in the past.

In other news, we have a sitter! An independent sitter!
Yeah, there's a blanket there but it's in no way propping her up. It's there because her reflux is still bothering her and if she arches her back. she falls. It's also more for my peace of mind than her safety as I never leave her to sit on the hardwood or tile flooring unattended.

Everleigh is also on stage 2 foods! For a while there, she would gag if there were ANY chunks in her food. Then one day (after the appearance of a tooth), she decided chunks were no problem and has happily been eating mildly chunky foods since then! She also tries (quite unsuccessfully) to self-feed puffs but she doesn't have any semblance of a pincer grasp so she gets frustrated that the food is in her hand and she can't make it go into her mouth.

She loves to sing "row row row your boat" and rock back and forth on your lap, holding your hands. She gets the biggest damn smile on her face. Lights up my world. We haven't started reading books yet as she just likes to grab and rip things (like pages) right now.

Everleigh will turn 10 months old on (what would be the 30th) of this month. So is that the 29th or March 1st? LOL. Regardless, my paternal grandmother's birthday is ACTUALLY Feb 29 so this year we get to celebrate on her actual day! And Everleigh has a well baby check that day as well.

Yes, Everleigh has her first tooth! Bottom front right. It's not all the way through, but it is there and it is sharp and she LOVES to let you know about it with a chomp or two!

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  1. Sounds like life is good: way to go Everleigh!!!


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