Thursday, 26 January 2012

Everleigh had therapy today.
We haven't seen her therapists since before Christmas. It's funny (in a not-so-funny way how crazy and chaotic things get around the holidays. And then you sit and look back afterwards and heave a sigh of relief - cuz thank goodness that's all over!)
Her therapists say she's doing they all say that? Would a therapist actually say "well...she's not doing all that well because of a, b, or c factor?" I don't think so but I digress.

Everleigh is probably one of the only kids I've heard of that doesn't cry during OT. She takes everything in stride. While she doesn't exactly tolerate me putting her into and holding her on all fours, she happily lets Angela (the OT) do it. Same with working on sitting. Is Angela manipulating her little body? Awesome, she'll take it.

The last time Everleigh had a developmental screening done, she was just under (or over) 4 months old. We're going to do another one in two weeks and see where she lies on the charts. I'm both excited and nervous about the results...excited because I want to see where she excels in some areas, and nervous because I don't really want to see in black and white where the failures are.

Enough of that. Here's some cuteness. If you tell Everleigh "wiggle wiggle", here's what she does. It's cuter when she's standing, cuz she wiggles her bum but...


  1. haha. love the little head bob. Kamdyn will dance to anything. i think the extra chromosome has a dancing gene in there too.

    1. LOL I think it does! Right from the womb she would dance if I played anything loud enough..while she's not there QUITE yet, she can be seen wiggling sometimes if there's music playing!


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