Wednesday, 12 October 2011

31 for 21 - Reflux

Well, it seems that the bug that Everleigh picked up from daycare last week made a reflux problem come to light. I've always had some small part of me that thought she had reflux but as it never caused an issue, I never thought too much on it. Well she's gotten over the bug from daycare and is still having issues keeping feeds down so I had my mom take her in to the pediatrician this morning...lo and behold he thinks she has reflux too.

So we have switched from Enfamil A+ to Enfamil A+ Thickened and so far today she's kept all her feeds down (YAY). I also have some mediciation if the reflux starts to come back again, but I'd like to keep her off medicine if at all possible.

The Developmental Consultant and Everleigh's new OT came today...but seeing as how I'm running late to get ready for work, that update will have to wait.

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