Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Well...with the inevitable return to work comes the unbelievably stressful task of "what on Earth do I do with my baby now?"
I've been fortunate enough to live at home, so if I need to run out or want to go out, chances are there's someone at home (Grandma and Grandpa) who are willing to watch my little girl.
However, with me going on overnights and my parents working shift work, it was time to find Everleigh a daycare. Lucky for me, there's one right in town that comes with good words and praise.
Originally Peekaboo Acton told me that they'd have a spot for Ev come October. So I had always assumed that's where she'd go when I went back to work. Last week or so, they called and told me that unfortunately a spot wouldn't be opening up until November or December! NOT GOOD. So I started looking elsewhere, secretly bummed right out that my original choice wouldn't work out. So I looked into Peekaboo Georgetown and home day cares in the area. Nothing really struck a chord with me. I was getting seriously bummed out about it.
Yesterday though, after making phone calls all morning to try and find Ev a spot SOMEWHERE, Peekaboo Acton called as I was leaving for work...and they'd done some shifting around (and had one person (with VERY good timing) tell them they were leaving) so lo and behold, they had a spot for Everleigh! WAHOO!
I went in this morning to sign all the paperwork, Mom's going tonight to drop off a cheque. All I have to do now is wait for the subsidy lady to call me back.
Everleigh starts Monday. I start overnights Monday night. And you know, I'm excited for this change in our lives but I'm also really sad to be putting her in daycare so early.

How did you other moms handle going back to work and putting your kids in daycare?

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