Friday, 30 September 2011

5 Months

Happy 5 month birthday, baby girl. You are so loved.
12lbs 9oz is what you weighed in at today. So you're gaining, slowly but surely. What more can I really ask for? You're small for your age, but this momma doesn't even care.

Tomorrow kicks off October. Which is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. This year I'm going to be participating in 31 for 21..which is basically 31 days of blogging to raise awareness for, you got it, T21 or Down Syndrome. Not every post has to be about Ds, but I feel that it should be. I will do my best.

I'm happy to report that Everleigh seems to be growing and learning every day. For a little while there, I was worried because she wasn't batting at toys like she had been. But then she busted out this new skill of holding her head up and sitting with assistance, and the batting at toys has resumed. So I think it's safe to say that if this Mama sees a decline in one skill, you can bet there's another (even better) skill lurking somewhere beneath the surface just waiting to make an appearance. Nothing to worry about. Easy peasy.

As soon as munchkin wakes up from her nap, we've gotta go on an outing to bring the car in to see the guy we bought it from...the brakes failed the other day (scary shit, I must add). Pulling out of the daycare parking lot on to the main road and I suddenly realized my foot (and the brake pedal) were to the floor and the car wasn't stopping! There is (or was) a giant leak of brake fluid from the rear driver's side so I've got to see what's going on. If it's a hole in the brake line, cool, I can fix or patch that. But if it's in the wheel cylinder, then I'm a little lost.
Kinda like I feel I just lost a couple of you guys. I know not everyone is as car savvy as I am. Guess I was blessed to grow up in a household where my parents (and most of my entire family) all work in the auto industry.

Well, I'm off like a dirty shirt (for now) but you can bet I'll be back soon!

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