Sunday, 11 September 2011

10 years ago

I was still in elementary school. Just on the cusp of becoming an actual teenager and attending highschool, but still a kid nonetheless.
If you asked me what I did last Tuesday, I'd have to stop and think about it and chances are I wouldn't remember. But if you asked me what I was doing 10 years ago on this day, I could tell you without hesitance.
I'm not American, but my heart still goes out every day to the lives lost in this tragic event. I've never been to NYC, I've never seen ground zero, but it still shocks me that this even happened.
Ten years ago today, our world was rocked. Ten years ago today, countless lives were lost. Some people went to work that day and never came home. Some people were flying into NYC and never came home. Did they tell their families that they loved them before they left that morning? Ten years ago today, countless emergency crews and volunteers put their own lives on the line to attempt to help those caught in the aftermath and chaos of the towers falling....and many of those people lost their lives as well.
Since I'm not American, sometimes I wonder if the 9/11 attacks have really affected me at all. But with the compassion in my heart I realize that just because I wasn't there doesn't mean I wasn't affected. Please take a few moments today (especially today but every day as well) to remember the men, women and children who lost their lives today. And to remember those who gave their lives willingly in the hopes that they could help save someone else.

9/11/01 - 9/11/11
Never forget.

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