Thursday, 25 August 2011

Top 5 things I love about having a child with Down Syndrome

1. She gets to be a baby for just a bit longer.
Being a FTM, I guess it's only through others' stories that I hear this a lot, but when typically developing children outgrow the cuddles and needing mommy for everything stage - it can get a little depressing. I'm excited that Everleigh is going to be in that stage for however long she needs! Though I'm sure it'll be just as depressing when she DOES grow out of it.

2. Milestones are something especially celebrated.
Every parent celebrates when their child does something for the first time - sitting, standing, Mama, crawling etc. But since I haven't a clue when Everleigh may or may not do these things, each and every milestone is something seriously celebrated. Holding head up during tummy time? CHECK! Social smiling? CHECK! Reaching for toys? We're getting there, CHECK! Babbling? CHECK! Things are just so much more celebrated and appreciated with a child with Down Syndrome.

3. She's a conversation starter.
We all know how irresistible babies can be. We've all done the "oh my goodness s/he is so cute! How old? Look at his/her little feet!". But for some reason, babies with Down Syndrome are especially cute (bias anyone?) and people are just drawn to her. No matter where I am, people just love to be around Everleigh. And when she smiles at them? Perfection.

4. Her eyes.
Speaking of smiling, Everleigh has these gorgeous almond eyes that just light up when she's happy or excited. Almond eyes? LOVE THEM. And right now they're this amazing sky blue colour (which I hope never changes) with Brushfield spots in them, they're stunning. I love them.

5. Her personality.
This may or may not change as she gets a little older, more mobile and more vocal...but Everleigh is such a laid back baby. She's slept through the night since the day I brought her home, and thank goodness for that. This mama doesn't function well on no sleep. But really? She's just so quiet. She rarely ever cries, or is cranky. She loves to smile and be happy and interact with people. She's honestly just such a good baby! I couldn't have asked for a better child.

Well, there ya have it - my top 5. Thanks to the momma from BabyCenter who I stole the idea from. Feel free to leave your top5 in the comments if you please. Next post will be a 4mo update from the pediatrician tomorrow. Fingers crossed everything is going well!

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