Friday, 21 March 2014

3:21 2014

On this day, which means so much to our community. To our family and friends. To the hundreds of thousands of people across the globe living with Down syndrome. On this day, I say...
As time continues to fly past us at neck-breaking speeds, as the three-year anniversary of your birth fast approaches, I must say this....
Auntie Amanda rocking her blue/yellow and her funky socks
 I love you EXACTLY as you are. I would not change a single hair on your head. I could never take away your extra chromosome.
Auntie Coco's work reppin' the blue/yellow!

Auntie Coco's funky socks!
If you had asked me this a little bit ago, I would have stumbled over my words trying to get my feelings across. There is a difference between having a child with an intellectual disability and having a retarded child. The medical terminology has changed so much in the past few years - and is continuing to change - and I hope that one day you will be able to live in a world where the word retard is no longer used to describe another human being.

Great-Auntie Kim and Cousin Emily's socks!
In three years you have learned so much. And your journey is uniquely yours. Nobody will learn things exactly as you do. Nobody will ever have your personality. Nobody will ever have your exact mixture of DNA.

People all over the world with Down syndrome may share some of your characteristics, but the extra chromosome manifests itself differently in each one of you...and for that I am thankful. I am thankful that you will always have a community of friends, family, teachers, and acquaintances who are willing to walk your journey with you while appreciating the fact that each step you take is one that can never be duplicated.
Kathy and her awesome socks, and her blue/yellow!

On this day - as people who love someone with Down syndrome share pictures of themselves wearing blue and yellow, wearing funky socks, or both - I am amazed at just how large the network is. People we have never met join with those who are both near and far to us to join in a show of just how much you, Everleigh, are loved.
Kiki and her outfit!

Sarah's Down syndrome bracelet charm
Sarah's socks

Great-Aunt Teresa, Cousin Melissa and Cousin Chris with their socks!

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