Tuesday, 16 April 2013

School's Out for the Summer!

-cue Kiss music here-
At least...I think it's by Kiss LOL.

The semester is over. School is done for the year. It has been a long hard two semesters. I started in September, moved in November, went to Virginia in December. And then 2013 started and it's been a long four months. But now, I am halfway there. This time in 2014, I will have graduated and will have a diploma in Medical Office Administration.

But that's enough of that. I must admit, I am looking forward to doing a LOT of nothing this summer. I am planning one trip to either VA again or to Florida (to the condo), but other than that, I'm planning to be a homebody. Lots of sleep. Perhaps some exercise. Food, friends, and my kid.

Speaking of Everleigh, she is B-A-D! And by that, I mean she is full swing into the terrible twos. It's not easy. It's incredibly hard. Most times I just want to sit on the floor and cry. She doesn't get time outs, she doesn't listen to no. She is testing the waters, toeing the line, and doing both of them 110%. Being a single mom is fucking hard (excuse my French), but it's also incredibly rewarding. This little person is mine, and all her successes are contributed, in part to me. Then there's the attitude and stubbornness. Those are also my traits, even though I say they come from her father. ;)

When she turns 2 (April 30), we will begin aging out of Early Intervention and into the system that (I'm told) will follow her all through her school years. That in itself is enough to make me cry. I am so fond of our developmental consultant (Sheila), and our occupational therapist (Angela). These ladies have seen Everleigh progress through all her milestones so far...from rolling, to sitting independently, to standing, cruising furniture, walking etc. From learning to bottle feed, to purees, chunks, and on to table food. From babbling, to signs, to beginning words. It's going to be hard to say goodbye to these ladies. The papers have already been signed and the ball has been given that primary push into motion.

I'm hoping I'll have more time to blog this summer, now that school is done. But, we will see haha. With work three days a week and a full-time mom status and a child that is now able to go outside, we will see how much time I actually get to spend blogging LOL

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