Thursday, 25 October 2012


It's been a pretty busy week so far. I'm officially moving the first of November, and this week off school has been an excellent opportunity to pack and go through everything. But I've been procrastinating with even that. I'm excited to move, but I'm not. It's only across town, but I've lived at home since Everleigh was born, it's going to be an adjustment to not having my mom around to help whenever I need her. But I'm a big girl, I got this :)

I also start work at Chrysler tomorrow. It's technically a temporary part-time (TPT) position, but if you are in good with your supervisor, you can pretty much be guaranteed work every week. It's only Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays, which works out well for this semester. I only have one class Friday mornings, so I can work the afternoon shift, and I don't have classes on Mondays. This is also going to be an adjustment. I've never worked in an industrial plant before, and I've never done line work to this extreme. I'm only hoping that I don't get a totally shitty job and am able to keep up...but I've seen some people that work there, who have NO common sense whatsoever, and if they can do it than I'm sure I can too. (Side note: my mom says she thinks there's a man with Ds who works there, but she's not sure if it's Ds or another intellectual disability....I'd like to meet him and see for myself. Regardless of what specific disability it is, it gives me hope that even in an industrial society, Everleigh may be able to find a job in the future).

Well, that's it in a nut shell. Lots of changes coming up soon, and I can only hope that Everleigh takes to them easily and the moves are seamless and simple for us.

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