Saturday, 10 December 2011

Things that Everleigh is/is not doing

At 7 months 1 week here are some of Everleigh's are and are nots...

Everleigh is not sitting up on her own
She is not making any purposeful noises (mama, dada, baba, papa etc.)
She is not pulling to stand (or even beginning to)
She is not pushing up into a four point crawling position (hands and knees)
She is not drinking from a sippy or straw cup (and sometimes shows signs of confusion between spoon and bottle)
She is not showing that she comprehends any of the signs I'm trying (milk, more, all done)
She is not doing any hand to hand transfer and does not like to hold items

Everleigh IS response smiling (and her smile lights up the whole goddamn room)
She IS sitting with assistance
She IS eating pretty much anything I put in front of her (minus peaches, bananas and apples)
She IS rolling front to back and back to front, both ways (to left and to right)
She IS purposefully reaching for things (including necklaces and Grandma's hair!)
She IS weight bearing on her legs
She IS able to hold a 4pt position (hands and knees) for a few seconds at a time
She IS able to pull things off her play mat with intense strength (her butterflies NEVER stay velcroed where they're supposed to)
She IS able to sit in her highchair and bat at things placed on the tray
She IS able to fit a whole hand in her mouth and gag appropriately on it (LOL)
She IS able to worm her way into anyone that comes across her's heart
Most importantly...
She IS able to learn to do all the things that she is not currently doing. She will get there.

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