Friday, 16 December 2011

Askin' for Help I received an exercise ball when I was pregnant..because, ya know, I was planning on doing natural birth (HA) and using a tub and ball and all that jazz..needless to say it didn't work out that way BUT I digress.

So I have this ball. And a baby who is not yet sitting on her own (or attempting to). And I'd heard that using the ball as a tool to help her gain core strength was a good idea.

Only...she fights me. She doesn't want to sit. She just folds herself in half. And when, on the odd occasion, she DOES hold herself up and I start to move the ball, she gives up and flops over (or back, or sideways etc).

So. I need some ideas. How do I help my little munchkin work on core strength so we can perhaps maybe have a sitter sometime in the near future???


  1. Hey Amanda,
    I was bored on twitter and was clicking around and stumbled on your blog here via Jessica Lynch's twitter. Firstly, Congratulations on your daughter she is simply precious and a real beauty :) Secondly, I am an early childhood educator with the Region of Peel and we have Resource Teachers who practice special needs inclusion methods and implement early intervention with children with special needs. Anyway, one of my colleagues is (in mine and many peoples opinion) the BEST in the region and she is just fantastic. If you would like, I could bring your problem to her and she will be chalk FILLLLLEEEDDD with tonnes of suggestions as well as alternatives you can try! Let me know if you are interested! And hang in there because when she finally does get it, there is nothing more special than that moment!
    Send me an e-mail
    Take Care,

    P.S. You're a great writer. I can tell your passion through your writing, keep it up :)

  2. Hi there, My lil guy is almost 8 months adjusted and lots of lap sitting an sittin on floor supporting hips as less as possible really helps. A great help for us is using a block in front of my son to weight bear arms are so he is not bent right over looking at floor has helpped alot he is still not sitting alone but we are getting closer every day.:) I am also from ON Canada


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