Saturday, 29 October 2011

We're still alive.

It's been crazy the last little while. Between working full time overnights (11pm-7am), trying to get a decent sleep, coupled with trying to see my family once in a while, trying to spend time with Everleigh and having time to breathe in between all that, I honestly barely even sit down at my computer anymore.

Last week I discovered a leak in my room (which is in the basement) which then evolved into ripping up the carpet in that corner of the room and desperately trying to dry everything out before it molded and got gross. I don't have any pictures of the chaos that ensued down there, but my room is a disaster area right now and will have to be cleaned and re-arranged when I get home.

Speaking of getting home...I am writing this post from (not-so)sunny Florida. Yesterday and today were cloudy and overcast but at least they were warm! Currently it's about 8C back home...and it's about 20C here. So I'll take the warm and cloudy over the cold and rainy any day!

Want some cute pictures of cuteness? You know you do!!

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  1. florida sounds wonderful and I agree - warm and cloudy is better than cold!


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