Sunday, 2 October 2011

Something on my mind today

Statistics. Stats are on my mind today. ONE stat in particular.

Approximately 90% of pre-natally diagnosed babies with Down Syndrome are aborted.

1 in 800 babies are born with something a little extra.
80% of babies with Ds are born to women UNDER 35.
Yet prenatal testing is most often only offered to women OVER 35.

It makes my heart ache. All those babies that never got a chance. Did you know that there are websites devoted to children with special needs? Here is one that is well known in the Down Syndrome community. Why don't you go take a look? Who knows, someone may move something within your heart, and you may be able to help a child find their forever home.

It baffles me how someone could think they have the ability to play God and take away someone like Everleigh's chance to live.

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