Wednesday, 19 October 2011

31 for 21 - Tuesday Night

I've been slacking. A bad blogger -slaps self on wrist-
But really? I've been working. I sort of jumped into this whole fulltime job thing with both feet and haven't managed to really surface yet. It's been three weeks and I'm still trying to find time to sleep properly, to be awake enough to walk up and down the stairs with Everleigh (and without falling) and to drive her to and from daycare. And drive myself to and from work. It's a losing battle that I'm fighting.

So I am sorry for the sporadic postings lately. I'm trying, I really am. To be honest, I have barely looked at a computer in the last few days. I'm lucky in that I can check my Facebook, Twitter and BBM right from my Blackberry, but I don't have a Blogger app to post from my phone (and I think I need an iPhone for that anyways).

So, I will do my best. Next weekend we are off to Florida for a little R&R/Tristen and Daven's belated birthday trip (they turned 15 on September 27th) so I'm hoping the break will allow me a little time to clear my head and maybe make some posts.

I really want to write a post on the new blood test for Down Syndrome but I keep forgetting about it so....there. It is in black and white on the page so I can't forget. As for right now though? This mama can barely keep her eyes open's bedtime for moi!

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