Thursday, 18 August 2011

Our weekend

Yeah, I know it's a few days late, but oh well! Last weekend (Saturday-Monday) Everleigh and I took off for a few days to Parry Sound with my friend Ryan and his son Max. Here are some pictures!
 Pretty much just the front door and looking up the driveway. Very rustic cabin, but very relaxing!

 Looking from the driveway down to the dock and the water. You can kinda see Max on the other side of the stairs here - he was looking for chipmunks (chippys) to feed peanuts to!

 Straight outta the 80s! But oh so cute and very cozy...very famillial, if that makes any sense. You can tell it was a family home first and a rental cottage second. Ryan was telling me those chairs and blankets have to be like 25 years old lol.

Yes, you are seeing that correctly, that is a pull cord to flush the toilet! And a severe lack of a shower...

 Oh Max. 3 years old, full of energy - what a cute kid! And a ginger (just like Everleigh) so he may have automatically had a special place in my

 Daddy (Ryan) and Max standing at the edge of the dock. Not gonnah lie, this looked better on my camera than it does on the looked more like a silhouette.

The weekend was filled with bbq-ing, fishing, Annie (the musical, over and over again), naps, swimming, and hiking. We had a lot of fun. I wish I was still up there, it was so peaceful and tranquil. It's really too bad that the summer is almost over, because it would be nice to get up there again sometime soon. It's so far up north and the road to the cottage is just too treacherous for a wintertime visit. (Snowmobiles, anyone?)

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